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The Importance of Remarketing

If you are sending traffic to your website without retargeting visitors, you’re missing out on an insane amount of revenue. The fact is most customers will not purchase on their first visit to your website, so by not reaching back out to them, you are limiting your possible revenue. Remarketing is one of the most powerful types of marketing campaigns because of the lucrative returns as well as being able to connect with customers on a much more personal level. The money businesses leave on the table by not remarketing is extremely alarming, but by implementing retargeting campaigns into your own business you can reap the rewards.

What is Remarketing?

Marketing campaigns are great for driving traffic and breaking the ice with your cold traffic, but it usually takes more convincing to turn that cold traffic into customers. Retargeting essentially follows those potential customers around the internet and gives you a chance to pull them back into your funnel where they left off.

Financial Gain

Remarketing campaigns are some of the most lucrative campaigns in terms of financial return on investment. A case study I would like to recognize is by the company Two Trees Marketing. After setting up a remarketing campaign on a small targeted audience, a sale of $297 was generated with only $0.04 of ad spend. That is a 7,425 return on ad spend! The second sale of $297 was generated to total $594 in revenue after a mere $0.44 was spent on the campaign. As you can see in the image below there were only 13 users being reached, but since these users were targeted and Two Trees was able to create a more customized and personal message, they were able to convert two of the users into customers.

Remarketing doesn’t have to be on a big audience, and it doesn’t require a large budget, but done right this is where the profit lies. Remarketing can be done on Google as well, another highly profitable option. While a normal Google pay-per-click campaign could cost $1-$2 per click, a remarketing ad could bring that cost per click down to $0.25-$0.60.

Speaking to Your Customers

As someone who thoroughly enjoys copywriting, being able to craft messages to customers based on how familiar they are with our brand or where they left off in our funnel is one of the most exciting parts. Remarketing allows you to segment traffic and retarget them with customized ads built for specifically where they left.

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