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Digital Creative Manager

WK Social is looking for an exceptional digital creative manager to be part of our growing team. A creative manager is responsible for the monitoring and approval of digital content drafts used for media advertising, social media communications, and other related marketing campaigns.

In your role as a Digital Creative Manager, you will be required to collaborate with our design team, to create and inspect the design layouts, ensuring that the team followed the requirements and high-quality standards. Coordinate with the clients for updates and inform them of modifications as needed within their budget goals and set timeframe.

You must have excellent communication skills, and be reliable, especially on responding to the customers’ inquiries and concerns and developing strategic procedures to increase brand awareness and attract potential clients.


  • Manage digital campaigns, surveys and all advertising agency activities including newsletters for promotional campaigns and invitational events.
  • Create layouts and designs of logos, advertising, marketing collateral, and other publish materials in print and digital.
  • Collaborate with Managing Director and the development team to create powerful and innovative PowerPoint presentations and videos.
  • Manage copywriting team and serve as lead copywriter on various projects from conception to execution.

Exceptional Key Skills

  • UX/UI Designs
  • Graphic Designs
  • Social Media Management


Negotiable. This is a contract position and pay is based on skillset and experience.


Figma, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, Canva, WordPress & Shopify.


Preferred to be in the Portland, Oregon area, but can be virtually anywhere.


  • Set your own schedule
  • Unlimited time off
  • Free access to paid software ie: Figma, Adobe, Canva Pro, etc.

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