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Transforming DiversityZoom’s Brand to Better Connect with Customers

In the bustling space of recruitment, DiversityZoom was just another name. But behind this name was a fervent desire to redefine the landscape of recruiting. When DiversityZoom founder Colin Smith approached WK Social, he brought more than just a project; he brought a vision for a new corporate identity that would better connect with his customers – but needed help implementing his ideas. WK Social made his vision a reality.

The Challenge

DiversityZoom’s brand was outdated and didn’t align with their offerings. The brand failed to differentiate itself and connect with customers on their pain points.

Our Approach

At WK Social, our magic lies in crafting immersive experiences, not just websites. The synergy began with diving deep into Colin’s aspirations. The steps were meticulous:

1. Identity Reconstruction

This started with a deep-dive into what DiversityZoom’s customers needed, and how DiversityZoom delivered. Understanding customer’s needs enabled WK Social to develop a transformative logo that became the face of DiversityZoom’s renewed spirit. To bolster this, we outlined a holistic brand guide, ensuring a seamless identity across all platforms.

The Logo

Brand Guidelines

2. Narrative Overhaul

DiversityZoom’s corporate presentations did not do their offerings any justice – key differentiators weren’t articulated, and solutions to customer pain points weren’t well communicated. WK Social redesigned the core slide deck, clarified their distinctive Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and built a compelling narrative as to why customers should choose DiversityZoom.

3. Digital Dreamscaping

Fast iterative design is core to WK Social’s DNA. We utilized Figma to quickly prototype DiversityZoom brand and website options. This enabled the DiversityZoom team to quickly immerse and interact with iterative designs, allowing us to collaboratively zero-in on the final design.

The Deliverables

Turning prototypes into digital reality is where WK Social shines, and we delivered. Once prototype design was complete, we transitioned DiversityZoom’s website from mock-ups to a live site in mere days.

The Outcome

Armed with a new site and new sales presentation, Colin was delighted. Our collaborative journey surpassed his expectations. The icing on the cake? Our new pitch deck played an integral role in quickly securing a new contract with NoonEnergy. Now, DiversityZoom’s online presence is a reflection of its stature, serving high-profile clientele, including industry leaders like Verizon, Google, and the recent addition, NoonEnergy.

Is your brand narrative lagging behind your vision?

What sets WK Social apart is our holistic expertise. By blending our marketing experience, deep roots in social media management and digital advertising, we design websites with a unique focus on customer journeys and getting you more business. This approach ensures that your brand doesn’t just look good but performs at its peak.

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Let WK Social bridge that gap. Join us on a collaborative voyage where we’ll chisel, nurture, and amplify your brand to its deserved pinnacle, just as we recently journeyed with DiversityZoom.

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